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Editing your photos          1-day

Photographs can usually be hugely improved by using straightforward image adjustment programs. Photoshop Elements is software that is specifically designed for photographers from complete beginners through to quite advanced, and is far less expensive and easier to use than most realise.

Whether you want to fix minor errors that occurred during shooting, or to turn a good image into a stunning photo, a basic understanding of Photoshop Elements is invaluable.

This one-day workshop is about getting started with this superb tool. It’s designed for photographers who have never or rarely used a computer to improve images and want to get started, or who know a couple of basic facilities and would like to extend their knowledge to the essentials. Topics include: 

  • cropping and straightening 
  • tone control - lightening and darkening, adjusting contrast
  • removing spots and blemishes
  • sharpening
  • adjusting colour
No previous knowledge of image software is required.

Keerbergen         Sun 11 Feb, 2018  (10:30 - 17:00)          120 eur

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