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Discover and practice essential techniques for capturing evocative images of the great outdoors – the most challenging environment for photography.

Learn how to capture the scene

Landscapes are hugely inspiring environments to photograph, but require specific techniques to achieve satisfying results. This one-day workshop combines indoor seminar-style training with outdoor practical shoots so that participants can immediately try out what they learn. Participants will learn how to consistently bring back evocative images that convey what was seen and felt in the living landscape.

Practice essential skills

The workshop explains the key characteristics of a good landscape image and what that means for equipment and technique. This includes: aperture and depth-of-field control; shutter-speed and subject movement; exposure, filters and contrast control. 

Participants will probably have an SLR camera (digital or film) or a bridge camera, and a basic familiarity with the camera's main controls.

The venue is easily accessible from Brussels, less than 30 mins by car (pick up from Brussels also possible). Close to winding rivers, pastoral countryside and big skies. Lunch and full notes included. Group size limited to 4. 

Keerbergen          Sun 5 Nov 2017         Price 140 euros

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