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Outdoor Available-light Portraits

Shooting with natural light:  Workshop leader - Trevor Waldron

Sooner or later, the field photographer will want to capture some outdoor portraits. They might be family, friends, or local people you meet on a fascinating travel trip. This can be challenging, and your subjects' expectations can be high! 
This comprehensive 1/2-day workshop provides practical pointers for creating dynamic people portraits, suggestions on directing subjects, and valuable hands-on experience with handling changing natural light conditions.

  • Hands-on approach to dealing with people.
  • Using the right lens and focal lengths to create great portraits.
  • Appreciating and handling the use of available light during outdoor exercises.
  • The benefits of very simple flash and lightweight reflectors for portrait photography.
  • Positioning the subject and choosing the background sympathetically.

Brussels           Sat 26 May 2018   12:30 - 16:30        80 euros

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