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LOOKING for the Light

Light is the foundation of photography. Knowing how to interpret and  respond to light is key to making an image sing.

This combined practical and tutorial workshop explains the essential elements of expressive light. First it explains how to "see" the light clearly and understand what it's saying. Participants will learn how to assess the prevailing quality of light before taking a photograph - its source, how it strikes the subject, its colour and strength and sharpness and so on. This extends to making subject choices - nature, people, interiors, close-ups etc - which best match the quality of light available.

There’s essential advice on equipment and technique, including exposure and other camera settings that can bring out colour and mood at the moment of capture. The workshop includes practical sessions to try out what has been learnt  and time to constructively review results.

The course is primarily intended for outdoor photographers, as well as ad hoc indoor and city photography using "available” artificial light rather than flash photography. 

Mechelen      Sunday 19th November, 2017 - 10-17:00     price 140 euros

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