trevor waldronphotography

A wave


  • 2020 SPRING WORKSHOPS: Well, Finally there are signs that a record wet winter may be about to loosen it's grip! The days are gradually lengthening, with tight buds and early blossom creeping across the landscape. The sun is still low, the light is more interesting in these months, often misty and mysterious, creating some graphic silhouettes and recession. Keep an eye on Trevor's Workshop pages for some upcoming and inspiring half-day sessions that will help a keen photographer to master changing light conditions, learn how to 'design'  a strong image using surprisingly simple composition principles, and how to express depth and dimensionality in a scene. 
  • INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Personal coaching is a flexible and effective approach for anyone who has specific needs or who wants to learn at their own pace or to their own schedule.  Trevor's  available by arrangement on weekdays and on most weekends. Just about any topic can be covered, at all levels from beginner to advanced. Drop Trevor an email (see the contact page) to enquire about rates and for an easy-going conversation about your key photographic interests.