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  • 2017 SUMMER WORKSHOPS and COACHING:  For the first time, this year we'll be running two workshops during the summer 'break' period. Both are at weekends. One is all about the camera, for new photographers or anyone wanting to step up their skills. The second shows how to capture great landscape photos, which is not as easy as it looks but can soon be learnt. See Trevor's Workshop pages for session descriptions and the full schedule, including a range of workshops running though to the end of the year. Individual coaching is also available thoughout the summer, by appointment on weekdays and weekends. Just about any topic can be covered, at all levels from beginner to advanced. Drop Trevor an email (see the contact page) to enquire about rates and for a non-commital discussion of topics. 
  • NEW VENUE: In addition to the in-town studio near Avenue Louise, workshops will occasionally be held at Trevor's new home workshop space in Keerbergen, near Mechelen. This is an attractive green area with nearby rivers and canals providing great photo opportunities for practical shoots. The nearby medieval city of Mechelen itself also presents plenty of historic architecture, fascinating back streets, and a bicycle culture for sharp shooters! It's an easy 30 minute drive by car from Brussels centre (pick-up and drop-off can usually be arranged). A great out-of-town venue which provides a novel and refreshing alternative to Brussels' more well-known sights.