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Photography workshops and tours

Practical and inspiring

Improve and enjoy your photography with these 1/2 and 1-day workshops, or a practical on-location shoot in inspiring surroundings. A variety of topics provide clear help and guidance on vital equipment and visual aspects of photography.

All levels, great venues

Each session is stand-alone, or can be combined with others to develop a range of skills. They vary in level and are suitable for beginners through to advanced enthusiasts, depending on the topic. For info about how the sessions work and our EXCELLENT VENUES, read more...

Workshop schedule

  • NIGHT and low-light PHOTOGRAPHY

    DON'T PUT YOUR CAMERA AWAY WHEN IT GETS DARK! On the contrary, dusk, evening and night is a great time to capture some expressive images in the city or out in a landscape. Low-light photography is easier than it might seem, so learn vital tips and techniques to master some moody images when the light goes down.

    March 24th 2019


    Learn how to EMPHASIS BACKGROUND blur to highlight your portrait subjects and create depth. Alternatively, achieve CONSISTENT CLARITY in scenic landscapes and cityscapes, with sharpness right through the scene. Depth of Field and rich tonality are key creative tools. Learn to use them well, whatever your favourite kind of photography.

    April 6th 2019


    A HALF-DAY PRACTICAL INTRODUCTION TO EFFECTIVE COMPOSITION. The 'design' of a photo is often overlooked, but makes a critical difference to the impact of an image. What to include, where to shoot from, how to position the key visual elements. Discover and explore the main principles and how to use them quickly and effectively.

    BRUSSELS - Louise
    May 11th 2019


    Capturing GREAT PEOPLE PHOTOGRAPHS is extremely rewarding for both the subject and the photographer. This 1/2-day workshop provides plenty of top tips to create dynamic people portraits. It includes how to direct individual or group subjects, and how to successfully handle ever-changing natural light conditions. Combines presentation and discussion with an outdoor shoot for immediate practice.

    June 22nd 2019