trevor waldronphotography


Trevor is a professional photographer and workshop leader based in Brussels. He shares his working time between the UK and the Benelux countries, with occasional client work in more far-flung destinations. Having travelled extensively he is completely comfortable working in a multi-cultural environment.

Natural light photography

Trevor's photographic work encompasses landscape, travel, and portrait photography, but its unifying theme is the use of natural light. Working outdoors gives his images a fresh and casual feel that fits well with modern lifestyles.

Considered composition is also a vital component of Trevor's photography. Whether the design is dramatic, subtle, or minimalist, the structure and interplay of parts is a key aspect in the expression of his images.

Workshop leader and coach

Trevor is a seasoned workshop leader with a strong background in training and leading photography workshops and tours. He enjoys offering an innovative range of one- to three-day courses and workshops that enable photographers of all levels to rapidly develop their skills. His workshops communicate the key concepts of photography - whether creative or technical - and have been acknowledged for their clarity and depth. Trevor also provides tailored coaching on a one-to-one basis or for small groups.